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all over the GTA and surrounding areas

We offer all types of scale calibration, preventive maintenance, installations, parts, and repair, from simple scales to automated batching , filling, and custom scales including floor scales, drum scales, hopper scales and tank scales. You name it, we do it!

All fabrication of platforms from small bench scales to large floor scales of heavy capacity can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs, locally at very competitive rates.

We also provide sales and calibration service for test weights.

Box labeling systems and barcode scanning for any application. Systems and Data Collection.

In today’s competitive and fast moving markets, technology and communication are changing daily. Because your scale is your company’s cash register, you need your weight data to be reliable and immediate in order to process transactions or to communicate with other equipment within your plant.

Almost uniquely Global Scales and Systems provides a comprehensive service package for all industrial sectors. Our highly skilled service department has been trained to the highest industry standards; this means we are able to respond to any maintenance issues quickly and effectively. We offer a breakdown and repair service along with scheduled maintenance visits and offer on-site repairs and re-verification or certification of legal for trade scales.

We are proud to provide the highest level of customer service and consistently enjoy outstanding customer satisfaction feedback.

Global Scale Service recommends that you consider the following key elements before finalizing a services program:

  1. You need your equipment to be up and running all the time. You want to maintain the accuracy and functionality of your equipment, regardless of circumstances and usage, for years of reliable operations.
  2. You want optimal instrument configuration for your environment and applications that save you time and money.
  3. You are concerned with staying compliant to your quality requirements, applicable laws and regulations and you need to pass any audit flawlessly.
  4. Your operators and technical staff need to be safe and productive. They need to know how to operate and maintain your instruments.

Our service department employs factory-trained technicians capable of calibrating, maintaining and repairing almost all makes and models of scales. Our experienced scale technicians are specialized to quickly identify and solve scale equipment problems.

Our professional service technicians study how critical each instrument is to your goals, as measured by its impact on quality, downtime, accuracy and regulatory compliance. Then they determine the right service strategies for the instruments that best support those business goals. These service strategies typically include appropriate calibration intervals, calibration certificates, preventative maintenance, repair, training and regulatory compliance.

Our trucks are fully-equipped with 450Lbs. of Certified Test Weights, along with the tools and parts necessary to keep your scale equipment functioning and in compliance with your company and Weights and Measures Canada.

Global Scale and systems weight scale calibration service is unsurpassed. Our calibration process is backed by a genuine Quality Management System. We are not only committed to maintaining tractability of all our test equipment but also to the assurance that the accuracy of our test weights is maintained between calibration intervals. We offer Certificates of Calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) and or Weights and Measures department of Government of Canada. We can provide traceable documents for the calibration weights used in the testing and calibration of scale systems.

Please call 1 866 783 3925 or email us at to discuss your weighing/ servicing needs.